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Sure and Steady James: Close to the Finish Line

Sure and Steady James: Close to the Finish Line

James Wenz became a proud Habitat homeowner 21 years ago in Bloomdale, Ohio. Since then, he’s been sure and steady making his monthly mortgage payments and the final payment is in sight!

This devoted family man works tirelessly as a forklift operator to provide for his family. While his son and one of his daughters have now ventured off on their own, his youngest daughter Naomi still resides with him in their Habitat home. She attends Elmwood High School and plans to join the Navy.

“Habitat helped me provide for my family just like anyone else and helped me have a home to be proud of. Without them, life would have been a little more difficult. I’ll tell anyone if they’re struggling, get a hold of Habitat. They blessed me with a beautiful home.”