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Homeownership Pre-Application Form

Please provide the following information:

The housing I live in is
(Monthly income includes jobs, social security, disability, food stamps, and child support, if reliable).
Have you had a bankruptcy?
Are you willing to partner with Habitat by completing 250 “Sweat Equity” hours (volunteer hours) per applicant? Sweat equity is completed by attending mandatory monthly Homeowner workshops, completing Financial Peace University, volunteering with us in the office and building your Habitat home.
Have you ever been charged with or convicted of a crime other than a minor vehicle violation?

We do our best to match the area you wish to live in with what we have available, but we cannot guarantee a match. Please indicate your top three areas in Wood County in which you would be willing to purchase a Habitat home.

Highest Level of Education:

Are you currently enlisted, a veteran or a spouse of a veteran or military personnel?
Is Applicant a U.S. citizen or permanent resident?
Is Co-Applicant a U.S. citizen or permanent resident?

Please provide the following information for all the people who will be living in the home including you and co-applicant (if applicable).

Please list all sources of income received on a monthly basis and send in required proof of income. We cannot review your application without these documents. Monthly income includes jobs, social security, disability, food stamps, and child support (if reliable).

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Last Name
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Postal Code
(if applicable)
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Thank you to our generous sponsors.

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