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In Kind Donations

In Kind Donations


In-kind donations are gifts of goods, materials, or services that help the affiliate to build homes and community in Wood County, Ohio. 

Some examples include:

An electrician who donates their time to help install wiring on a home.

A donation of land on which Habitat can build a home.

A donation of a home that Habitat can renovate.

A donation of building materials, like lumber, siding, insulation, or tools that Habitat would have otherwise had to pay for.

We accept a wide range of in-kind donations and not all of them have to be related to construction. We have in-kind partners who provide us with legal support, meals for volunteers, materials and event support, photography and videography, and more. If you’re interested in supporting us with goods or services but aren’t sure how you can help, don’t hesitate to reach out. You might not realize that something you have to offer can make a huge difference and help us to support more families.